• Collaborations and curation
  • Personal shopping for special gifts
  • End of the year annual household shopping

You need a gift, yesterday?  Or something for yourself. Call us. Email us. Smoke signal us. We’ll get straight to work as soon as we know your style and budget. The first time we talk we’ll ask you to fill out a quick 2-minute questionnaire so we know what you like, love and loathe. And we’ll get some key annual important dates from you so we can brainstorm for you during the year.

Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a handbag, or a bespoke creation, we have a direct line to shops, designers and everyone else who can get you what you want. We’ll email you photos of options, we can discuss it, and before you know it, your beautifully wrapped gift will arrive via messenger. You’ll love it. That’s Covet.

Our projects range from tracking down unique individual gifts to providing a more general gift service for all your annual needs. Our fee structure is based on a project by project basis.  Please contact us for further details.