Our Favourite Stocking Stuffers

Our Favourite Stocking Stuffers

You made it through Thanksgiving, well done! Now for the fun stuff. We searched far and wide to come up with a few off the radar ideas for your stockings this year. 

Here’s what made the cut! 

How many sets of AirPods are in your house? If your are like us, your family would probably benefit from these, or this, or if you are pressed for time we love this easy decal version. (And if you need the actual AirPods at a lesser price, we LOVE these!) Urban Outfitters really nails the beauty craze for teens and tweens!  This mask, this product and even this would be fun for for any aspiring YouTuber in the making.  And for the teen guy we love this or just in case he happens to be obsessed with Supreme, we love this too

Need a few ideas for the winter workout?  How about this, or these? (Per my trainer, I actually just ordered them for myself!)  

La Giraffe has been around forever, and there is a reason for that, so if you don’t know about her, click here. To keep the younger set entertained and off the iPads, we love this box, this incredibly cool tape (just add some cars) and this sand! Phew, we are done!

If all else fails, this cruelty free and long lasting polish set will be a hit or get a few fancy hair products seen here or here or splurge on yourself with this incredible oil or this fabulous piece for yourself — well, it is small and it fits in a stocking!  Either way, celebrate it all and call it A DAY!

Happy Holidays and enjoy every moment.