An Interview Soleil Toujours Co-Founder Valerie McMurray

We got to catch up with Founder and CEO, Valerie McMurray of Soleil Toujours about some of her favorite things and her growing empire.

Soleil Toujours isn’t just mineral sunscreen, tell us about the line.

Everything we make has to do with the sun. Whether it’s protection from the sun or offering recovery from it, which will build your collagen and elasticity, we have you covered. Our tinted moisturizer is mineral based with an SPF of 30. Our eye cream has anti aging qualities with an SPF 15 and our serum is excellent for recovery from sun damage.

Soleil is mineral based, why is this better for our skin?

When we started out almost 10 years ago, we found that so many sunscreens were toxic, meaning they penetrate the skin and can go into the bloodstream which can complicate hormones and a host of other issues, so we decided to make ours mineral based. Mineral based sunscreens are the most effective. Mineral based means that it sits on top of the skin and deflects the sun. When looking for a sunscreen it should contain Zinc and Titanium Dioxide as the top two ingredients. Also check for Non-Nano particles —if the particles become too small (nano) and will penetrate your skin, which is not good. If your sunscreen isn’t mineral but organic which is the next best thing, make sure it’s PABA Free.

Most mineral based products are chalky and heavy, how did you get yours to be smooth?

Thank you! We worked closely with our team on the formulation and technology to get it just right.

Are any spray sunscreens ok?

Cream is definitely better for the environment since most of the spray cans cause coral damage. We just debuted Soleil Toujours Sheer Spray, it’s not mineral but it is organic and it uses a bag on valve system which is environmentally friendly.

What are some of your best sellers?

Our Sun And Protect is a must that goes OVER your make up and sets it with an SPF 30. The lip products have an SPF of 15 and come in 5 neutral palettes with fun names like Cloud Nine. We also have a (slight) shimmer tinted moisturizer which has an SPF of 30 and is also 100% mineral.

What are your personal travel essentials?

I’m pretty low key but I always have a good hand cream since I’m always incredibly dry. Aquaphor for my ever dry lips! A good beach read. Currently reading Little Fires Everywhere. I always travel with a good rose mist but because I was always on the hunt for the best one, I decided to make one of my own, it debuts in the Fall!