Holiday Card Check List

Every year we vow to become more organized—better at getting all of those recipes in a book, as opposed to being written on small pieces of scrap paper and thrown into an old recipe book—or organizing closets (to Goodwill, consignment or trash) and the dreaded but always happy when it’s in full motion….Holiday Card Project.  A few tips below to what we aspire to be.  (Actually one of us is truly organized, can you guess which one?)

Get A Jump on Your Holiday Cards With This Checklist:

  • Schedule photo shoot and/or select photo for cards. Today
  • Review address book or your Holiday card list and update addresses. Today
  • Decide on a format: holiday cards, photo cards or even drafting a holiday letter – and order them. November 1st
  • Buy supplies: paper, printer cartridges, address labels, festive colored markers, stamps (get some air mail stamps too!) November 15th
  • Draft holiday letter or notes for Holiday cards. December 1st w Sign, stuff and assemble holiday cards or letters. December 1st
  • Mail cards or letters to ensure delivery before Christmas. December 10th
  • And for the ultimate Organizer, as cards arrive, update address book for next year. Note any “return to sender” addresses.

Our Favourite Sources For Holiday Cards Include: